Knitted poppies adorn St Mary’s

Knitted poppies adorn the interior of St Mary’s Church in Scarborough, in preparation for Remembrance Sunday.

A core group of six needle-clickers have spent five months painstakingly creating over 2,000 red woollen flowers.

Joan Ward, Barbara Davis, Sandra Dickens, Mags Bryan, Dot Normandale and Sue Sewell did most of the knitting, although other people from all over the country sent in contributions.

The knitted poppies have been artfully arranged on the pulpit, in one of the side chapels and across a memorial to the 162 local members of the armed forces who died in World War One - plus one for the unknown soldier.

“We started in May and have been knitting ever since”, says Joan Ward.

The poppies can be seen on three open days on 2 and 3 November, from 10am until 3pm, and on 4 November, from 12.30pm until 3pm.

When this year’s commemorations marking the centenary of the end of the war are over, the poppies will not be thrown away. They will be stored until next year, when they will be sold, individually.

Half the proceeds will be given to the British Legion and half to the Friends of St Mary’s.