Electrifying journey into the trenches at SJT

They Shall Not Grow Old, an acclaimed WW1 documentary, can be seen at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.

Director Peter Jackson has restored, colourised and added voices to footage of the western front, bringing soldiers unforgettably back to life.

He has created “a visually staggering thought experiment; an immersive deep-dive into what it was like for ordinary British soldiers on the western front”, according to a review in the Guardian.

“This he has done using state-of-the-art digital technology to restore flickery old black-and-white archive footage of the servicemen’s life in training and in the trenches”.

The Guardian summarised the film as “an electrifying journey into the trenches”.

* They Shall Not Grow Old is showing at the SJT at 7.45pm on 12 November and 2.45pm on 13 November.