Ten old lags serve time in old jail 

Words and photo by Dave Barry 

Ten local luminaries were ‘imprisoned’ during hospice care week in October.

The ‘prisoners’ included borough mayor Joe Plant, who was accused of hoarding dirty cups in the mayor’s parlour at the town hall in Scarborough.

He said he was hoping to raise at least £1,000 in pledges to ‘spring him from jail’.

Another jailbird, businessman John Senior, said: “I got banged up with a bunch of similar articles and could only get out once I had reached my bail target of £1,650”.

The 10 old lags were taking part in the second annual Jail and Bail fundraiser run by Saint Catherine’s at the former prison in Dean Road.

They had been accused of such crimes as “battering and afray with vinegary intent”, “being drunk and disorderly in the Beerhouse”, “only going to networking events for the food”, “midnight abductions of Shaun the Sheep and Miss Piggy”, “the theft of pounds of body fat from people all over Scarborough”, “driving topless on the A64” and “not fundraising in the local community”.

Using their phones, the pretend-prisoners had to persuade people to bail them out with donations. But people who wanted them to stay behind bars could pay for that too.

The other crooks were Natalie Campbell, Allison Ascough, Carey Bilton, Ashley Tyson, Nick Henderson, Chris Makin, Joy Sharples and Nick Sharples.

Keeping them in order and trying to prevent escapes was hardball warder Rob Green of Scarborough & Ryedale Community Cycling, based at the old prison.

Hospice care week, with a Heart my Hospice theme, was a busy time for Saint Catherine’s. Staff spread the word through clinical awareness days, an open day and a volunteer recruitment day.

Nationwide, about 2,000 hospice shops participated in the week, including 11 run by Saint Catherine’s.

“It was a great week for the community to show support for Saint Catherine’s in their own way – just giving us supportive comments on social media, doing fundraising, learning about our services, or volunteering”, said a spokesperson.