Kylie and Cliff at the open-air theatre

Rather predictably, Kylie Minogue’s Scarborough show sold out almost immediately.

Tickets costing between £54 and £82 were snapped up within hours.

After a couple of shows in Ireland next week, the pop princess from down under will be back in the UK for nine gigs in the summer, ending with the open-air theatre on 1 August.

Kylie, 50, released her 14th album, Golden, in April. It was recorded in London, Los Angeles and Nashville, with the latter profoundly influencing the record.

At the time of writing, tickets for Cliff Richard’s return visit to the open-air theatre on 26 June hadn’t sold out. They cost £60.50 and £71.50.

The seemingly ageless Cliff, 78, notched up his first UK hit a decade before Kylie was born. Move It, from 1958, is regarded by many as Britain’s first authentic rock ‘n’ roll song, bringing what had previously been an American genre across the Atlantic.

Cliff is the UK’s most successful hitmaker, with worldwide sales exceeding 250m.

open-air theatre 1 Kylie Minogue.jpg

He was knighted in 1995.

Born Harry Webb in colonial India in 1940, Cliff has sold over 250m records worldwide, including 21m in the UK.