Accident victim thought she was going to die

Words and photo by Dave Barry 

A woman who thought she was going to die after being hit by a car in the middle of Scarborough has launched a road-safety campaign.

Jane Golden was crossing Aberdeen Walk when a car turned off Victoria Road and collided with her.

She says: “I screamed and was flung up in the air and fell to the ground”, adding that the car had been travelling “at speed”.

Jane’s jaw smashed into the car bonnet and her teeth cut through her lower lip. She sustained facial injuries and required stitches inside and outside her mouth, rendering her unable to eat properly.

In shock, as she lay on the ground, she was immediately approached by concerned passers-by.

“One was a local man who got a blanket and sat with me until the ambulance turned up”, says Jane, who lives in nearby Hoxton Road.

“I can't thank him enough for comforting me through this terrible experience. The car which hit me stopped and a male in his mid-thirties got out. I was bleeding but didn't know where from. I was scared and thought I was going to die”.

An ambulance and the police arrived and Jane was blue-lighted up to A&E.

Because Scarborough Hospital doesn't have a maxillofacial unit, she had to be forwarded to York, where she was taken by another ambulance the next day.

She says: “I was unable to sleep that night as I was frightened and thought I was going to die.

“Fortunately, I suffered no bone breakages but the shock and incident revisits me constantly. I don't know how I'm going to deal with this near-fatal incident but I'm thankful I'm still here to tell the tale”.

However, Jane says: “I am resilient and strong-willed and hope to live my life to the full now”.

She says vehicles often drive along the town-centre roads too quickly. She is calling for the pedestrianised zone to be extended and measures to be taken to raise awareness of the presence of pedestrians among drivers.

“There are other roads within the town centre which in my view are terribly dangerous. Traffic does not slow down and there are blind corners where, if a car is travelling at speed, it could be fatal.

“If I'd not had heels on my boots and not been quick enough to turn to my right, it might have been a different story. A mother with a pushchair or a child or an elderly person would not have stood a chance”.

She says: “Please can someone listen and do something about the town centre. It would not cause drivers that much inconvenience, having a loop around the town instead of taking short cuts through Aberdeen Walk, Albemarle Crescent, Westborough and York Place.

“The roads in town need more control and drivers need to slow down. How many deaths, accidents and near-misses like mine will happen before the county council takes some action?”

Jane was deeply impressed with the attention she received and paid tribute to the “kindness and compassion” of the ambulance and A&E staff in Scarborough and York. “They were all lovely and caring”.