Ryedale Festival returns to Scarborough

By Dave Barry

Ryedale Festival is branching out to Scarborough with two concerts next month.

The Orchestra of Opera North will return to the Spa Grand Hall, the festival’s easternmost venue, on 21 July.

It will perform Elgar’s Sea Pictures and two symphonies: Beethoven’s fifth and Brahms’ fourth.

Orchestra director Phil Boughton comments: “2017 marked the orchestra’s first visit to the Spa in six years. We’re delighted to be returning with a magnificently apt centrepiece, bookended by towering examples of the symphonic art from Beethoven and Brahms”.

The musicians will be under the baton of Venetian conductor Renato Balsadonna, making his debut with the orchestra.

The Elgar will feature mezzo-soprano soloist Kathryn Rudge, who says: “The Sea Pictures are an adventure, providing onlookers with moments to observe the scene, to hold each other close through all weathers, discover an ethereal calm, reflect upon the mystical qualities of the landscape and to contemplate the power of the crashing waves.

“At times the wonder of the sea is indescribable, but Elgar knew so well how to portray it through music that captures our emotions and imagination; that moment when you look out and see the horizon across a vast expanse of water and it takes your breath away”, Kathryn says.

“I have had such happy times over the years visiting the wonderful North Yorkshire coast and have stayed in lovely Scarborough on many occasions. It will be a real thrill for me to sing there”.

Kathryn Rudge by Sussie Ahlburg

Kathryn Rudge by Sussie Ahlburg

The festival’s other Scarborough concert will be at St Martin’s Church on 25 July.

Vocal ensemble I Fagiolini will present Sacred & Profane, a programme of religious motets performed alongside Monteverdi’s luscious secular madrigals.

The concert will follow a talk by director Robert Hollingworth.

Ryedale Festival has been promoting concerts in Scarborough for the past five years, working alongside the local community and performing groups.

The festival, described in the Times as “Yorkshire’s boldest music festival”, is offering 500 tickets at £1 each for under-25s. This is part of its commitment to provide great music for as many people as possible in the region.

Tickets cost £25 for the Spa and £20 for the church; under-25s pay half.

They can be booked by ringing 01751 475777 and online at www.ryedalefestival.com.

Fagiolini by Keith Saunders

Fagiolini by Keith Saunders