Open-air tai chi workshop

Words and photo by Dave Barry

Calm to practise, calm to watch.

An ancient Chinese exercise system was celebrated on world tai chi day at Scarborough’s star map, where the south-bay pool used to be.

Over two hours, about 20 people undertook various gentle movements and exercises at an open-air workshop run by Angie Wood, who has been practising tai chi for 15 years.

Despite an unpromising forecast, the weather was fine - cool but dry and sunny.

Tai chi teaches people how to relax, let go and go with the flow.

“It helps you unwind and be happy and content with yourself, and it helps you to get to know yourself more”, explains Angie, who was trained by local teacher Howard Gibbon.

Everyone who took part in the workshop enjoyed it, Angie says.

It will be repeated at the same place at the end of each month.

Anyone who is familiar with the li style of tai chi is welcome. Those who are unfamiliar with it and would like to take part should first attend the classes Angie runs at her husband Ken’s art gallery in South Street, on the South Cliff.

They last 90 minutes and are on Tuesdays, at 10am, 1.30pm and 7pm; and Thursdays, at 1.30pm and 7pm.