New vinyl night in Scarborough

Two Scarborough record-shop owners and DJs are getting together on the first Wednesday of every month to Lower the Tone.

Mister Tooley and Victor Swanvesta, aka Paul Toole of Record Revivals and Al Parry from Victor’s Vinyl and Vintage, are vinyl junkies.

They are encouraging like-minded souls to dig out their old vinyl and take it to the North Riding pub in North Marine Road, to take turns playing tunes on Victor’s state of the art (in 1975) portable record player.
“Our inaugural evening in May was a great success”, says Mister Tooley. “We had everything from surf, house, jazz, blues and reggae to country, indie pop, punk and hardcore played.

“Even the landlord joined in! It was great to see people listening to music they’d never encountered before. The only rule is that there are no rules as to what’s played”.

The next Lower the Tone is on Wednesday 6 June, from 6-9.30pm.