An entertaining journey through school’s history

Words and photos by Dave Barry

Gladstone Road School was steeped in nostalgia when ex-deputy head John Grant gave a talk on its history.

Over 100 people, mostly former pupils, enjoyed an entertaining journey through the Victorian school’s 131-year past.

What could have been a dry and academic exercise was made enjoyable by Mr Grant’s gentle humour.

Of the 1,000 photos displayed, the oldest was for 1903. When it appeared on a screen during Mr Grant’s slideshow, he asked if anyone recognised themself.

Mr Grant, who joined the school in 1981 and left in 2006, is now its archivist and has amassed a large collection of photos, press cuttings, certificates, magazines and paraphernalia such as an old shell case. Not one that fell on the school during the 1914 bombardment, but pretty similar.

The talk was attended by head teacher Keith Wright, his predecessor David Grimwood and several other current and former staff.