Tribute to guitarist at annual charity gig

The annual charity gig by Nearly Famous is on 21 July at the Roscoe Rooms in Roscoe Street, Scarborough.

A musical tribute will be paid by band member Pete Liley to Mick Hill, who died shortly after last year’s gig.

Mick Hill was a well known local guitarist who played with Jonty and the Strangers in the 1960s and Hamps Tramps later on.

Nearly Famous invited him to join them as a guest guitarist at last year’s charity gig; it was his last performance.

Nearly Famous have recorded a CD featuring guest artists Anna Shannon, Roy Piper, Dave Brown, Dave Cook and Paul Garbutt, who will join them at the gig (except Roy).

The band is made up of members of groups which were popular in Scarborough in the 60s and 70s.

They are Jonty Hartley of Jonty and the Strangers, which Pete’s wife Rhona says was the first rock band to play in Scarborough; Pete Liley of the Moonshots and the Mandrakes, which featured a young Robert Palmer; Bob Woodyatt and Graham Trousdale of the Incas; and Pete Jackson, who played drums with Brave New World.

Paul Murray will be the DJ and compere.

It’s in aid of Macmillan Nurses.

The doors will be open from 7.30pm until 11.30pm.

Tickets cost £7.50 and are on sale at Record Revivals in Northway.