Police cadet joins civic couples on official duties

Words and photo by Dave Barry 

A police cadet is accompanying Scarborough’s civic couples on their official duties.

Mally Leybourn, who lives in the town, is attending events and functions with the mayor and mayoress, and their deputies, throughout the mayoral year.

The new role was suggested by the mayor, Cllr Joe Plant, who asked the police if they could provide a cadet.

The police embraced the idea and cadets were encouraged to submit a short application for the role.

Mally, 17, is acting as an ambassador for his cadet group and the borough.

Duties include socialising and speaking to members of the public, helping with prize draws and charity events and giving readings at church services.

Police spokesman Neil Lancey said: “This appointment is a huge honour and highlights the important role that the police cadet scheme plays in our communities.

“It’s a great way to instil civic pride and a sense of public service in young people in North Yorkshire”.

So far, Mally has attended the mayor-making ceremony at the town hall, a civic church service at St Mary’s Church, the dragon-boat races at Wykeham, the Disability Action Group’s summer fair in Barrowcliff, a theatre event at Northstead School, the Yorkshire Regiment’s cocktail party at the Yorkshire Show in Harrogate, a meeting of the Borough of Scarborough Community Fund committee at the town hall, a primary schools competition at the Cricket Club, the opening of the Ancient Seas exhibition at the Rotunda Museum, the opening of Seafest on the West Pier and a summer fair at Ravensworth Lodge care home.

With the mayor and mayoress, Mally went for a ride on the Shannon lifeboat during Scarborough RNLI’s annual flag day.