Good reaction to plan for new school

Words and photo by Dave Barry

A plan to move Overdale primary school in Eastfield and double its size has been unveiled.

If the plan is approved, the new school will accommodate the extra demand created by the big new Middle Deepdale housing development.

Designed for 420 pupils and a three-class nursery, it will be near Jazz Court and Overdale road.

Leigh Whitley, a parent-governor at the school, said the plan was “fantastic. I’m excited that it’s finally got to this stage, after over 10 years of planning. The design is lovely.

“Like most parents, I’m most interested in what’s going on inside”, said Mrs Whitley.

Tony Randerson, the county councillor for Eastfield and Osgodby, said he was delighted with the plan. “The site’s location, between the existing Eastfield settlement and new housing developments to the north, supports a long-standing desire to provide improved facilities that link the old and new parts of Eastfield”.

The plan was displayed to the public at the Jazz Court extra-care housing scheme, whose manager, Liz Jones, was equally positive.

“It’s exciting - it will be great for the area and we hope our restaurant will be busier”, she said. “My main concern is parking, parents dropping off children and picking them up at the end of the day”.

If the plan is approved, the new school will be environmentally efficient and accessible to people with disabilities. The hall will be available to community groups outside school hours.

It will be funded by developers Kebbell Homes, Keepmoat Ltd and the county council.

The display was attended by two strategic planning officers from the county council, John Lee and Beth Latimer.