Women admitted to club for first time

A former medical director at the hospital has been elected president of the Rotary Club of Scarborough.

Dr Ian Holland, who succeeded Roger Kaye, said: “This is a great honour and, as the 96th president, I have some hard acts to follow”.

Dr Holland said he was looking forward to the challenge of supporting Willows Lull and other local charities, increasing membership, allowing women to join the club for the first time and working with other local organisations for mutual benefit.

Mr Kaye’s final duties were to present a Rotarian of the Year award to David Grisdale, a past president and Paul Harris fellow, who was club secretary for 18 years.

Paul Harris awards, in recognition of selfless service, were made to Mike Goode, David Oliver and Nigel Wood.

A varied programme of speakers and events is planned for the coming year, including the annual Father Christmas collection at the top of town. This was started in the 1950s and is a regular feature of the festive period.

Last year, the club raised over £20,000 through fundraising events for good causes, both locally and abroad.

The club meets every Monday at 6.30pm at the Rugby Club and welcomes new members. For details, email David Grisdale at grisdale331@btinternet.com.