Activities should cut anti-social behaviour

Words and photo by Dave Barry

A new activity programme for young people is aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour.

Gallows Close community centre in Barrowcliff has been given over £50,000 to run it.

The activities are aimed at low-income families in the neighbouring Barrowcliff, Newlands, Newby and Northstead areas.

Development worker Kimmie Avison says: “There are not enough affordable provisions for children in the area, which means there can be an increase in anti-social behaviour. We aim to build confidence, raise aspirations and offer under-privileged children better opportunities”. 

The aim is to provide a range of activities, including karate, football, gymnastics, acrobatics and street dance, for children aged 4-18.

“We will encourage volunteers and parents to get involved with the activities with opportunities for them to run the sessions at the end of the project”, says Kimmie.

Local people and organisations who will help run the classes gave demonstrations at the centre’s summer fair, where the programme was launched.

They included football coach Robbie Hawkes, Simon Shaw of Scarborough Higashi karate club and Ewa Graczyk, who will teach gymnastics, acrobatics and street dance.

Activity sessions cost £2, with concessions for families with more than two children.

Scarborough is in one of 12 areas identified nationally by the Department for Education (DfE) to receive additional support to improve social mobility and help children and young people get a better start in life.

The £50,000 came from the DfE’s Essential Life Skills Fund, which provides improved access to extra-curricular activities, helping children and young people to explore the opportunities open to them and develop new skills.

The fund is being run by the county council’s stronger communities team as part of its commitment to  support communities to play a greater role in the delivery of services in the county.

* A bushcraft course starts at the centre on 3 September at 10am. It will run every Monday and Tuesday. For details, ring Richard McGuinn on 07970 393241.

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