Over 1,300 daily go on show

Words and photos by Dave Barry

In January 2012, artist Viv Owen challenged herself to do at least one drawing a day, in small sketchbooks.

Since then, she has filled 42 books, which have gone on display at Electric Angel, billed as “the tiny gallery with a big heart”, in Scarborough.

The detail in the drawings depends on how much spare time Viv had on the day each one was done.

“Some days I had longer than others to do it so it’s more detailed”, explains the professional artist and art lecturer. “I sometimes use them to plan paintings”.

Each day, Viv shares her daily drawing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

Adrian Riley of Electric Angel adds: “Viv’s drawings and paintings are inspired by mass-media imagery.

“What begin as photos of flickering television images become the inspiration for artworks that aim to capture the emotion of our lives, human stories common to us all that are repeatedly fed back to us in the media”, Adrian says.

“Drawn in the moment in light-fast artist’s ink, with no preparation or underdrawing, this is an intimate look into the artist at work exploring ideas.

“Viv’s drawings are portraits that have the fragility and urgency of a quick sketch and the arresting impact of pop art. We haven't counted them, but we think the exhibition features over 1,300 daily drawings”.

Viv, who lives in Queensbury near Halifax, and Adrian met when they shared an art studio in Bradford.

The exhibition will run until the end of October.

Electric Angel is in Museum Terrace, named after the nearby Rotunda.