Sharpshooter Sarah is the UK archery champ

A Scarborough woman has won the British barebow archery championship.

Sarah Monteith was one of 250 competitors at the 17th UK barebow indoor championships.

They were held at seven locations – four in England, one in Wales, one in Northern Ireland and one in Scotland.

Sarah became British barebow champion by shooting 60 arrows at a 40cm target at an internationally recognised distance of 18 metres.

“Barebow is archery at its purist, just the archer and the bow working in unison in an instinctive manner”, Sarah’s proud husband Steve explained.

With no sights, stabilisers, clickers or other useful devices, barebow archers use fieldcraft and technique to master the discipline of field archery.

After just over two hours of shooting, Sarah scored a personal best barebow score of 529 out of a possible 600. It was the second highest women’s score in the history of the championships. It broke the Yorkshire record of 473, set by Sarah two years ago, and was only two points shy of the British record.

The results were collated by a central coordinator at Archery GB, the governing body for archery in the UK.

Besides being individual British champion, Sarah was also part of the winning Home Nations team of England.

She said: “I’m proud of how I shot on the day and of my achievement. It’s not every day you can say you are the best in Britain. Archery is in my blood and I will continue to strive to achieve more archery ambitions in the coming years.

“All the hours of practice and thousands of arrows shot came together. It’s a great feeling to have set yourself a goal, worked hard towards it and then finally achieved it. I’m feeling on top of the world right now”.

Sarah, who has represented Yorkshire in county archery tournaments, has been shooting for 14 years. She practises at Archers of East Riding, based in Hutton Cranswick.