Sale of plastic bags raises £1,000 for sport club

Words and photos by Dave Barry 

A £1,000 donation raised from the sale of plastic bags in a Scarborough supermarket has boosted a sport club.

The award has enabled Scarboccia to purchase equipment including a soft ball set, extendable ramps, a target practice mat, ball holders, a bean-bag set and a head pointer to aid players with less ability.

Boccia is a gentle, inclusive, paralympic sport, like bowls but using a softer pellet ball. 

Scarboccia is a non-profit disability group devoted to making a difference to the lives of disabled adults and youngsters. It can be played by people of all ages and abilities.

Formed in October 2014, the club is affiliated with Boccia England, the national governing body.

The group aims to increase awareness of disability sport, not just boccia but also new-age kurling and wheelchair / chair volleyball.

Scarboccia is heavily involved with the community, delivering sessions to local schools, care homes and other disability groups in the Scarborough area.

Sessions are held at the Everyone Active sport centre on Tuesdays from 4-5.30pm. New members and volunteers are always welcome.

The manager of Tesco’s Westwood store, which made the £1,000 donation, attended a Scarboccia meeting. Paul Best said: “It’s wonderful to see people participating in this sport and having such fun together. The award clearly makes a big difference”.

For more information, visit and the Scarboccia Facebook page or ring Scarboccia chair Linda Clarke-Irons on 448815 or 07817 150614.