Beloved pooches bark and howl at Spa dog show

Words and photos by Dave Barry 

There was much barking, howling, whining - and certain signs of over-excitement - at a dog show at Scarborough Spa.

Numerous dog-lovers took their beloved pooches down to the venue’s outdoor Suncourt.

They were entered in classes for the cutest puppy, golden oldie, the prettiest bitch, the most ‘handsome dude’, the best rescue dog, the dog the judge would most like to take home, the best dog overall and the best puppy.

Lola, a hefty British bulldog weighing 26 kilos, seemed distinctly unimpressed, although that may just be the way she has been bred. Aged 11 months, Lola is owned by Alex Paddock of Wheatfields Court in Eastfield.

Jasper, an eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, came first in the category for golden oldie aged over seven. With lots of other dogs around, Jasper was rather nervous and sought solace in the arms of his adoring owner, Marianne Stephens of Rothbury Street.

Inside the Spa building, Wendy Smith posed for a photo with Harper, the Romanian rescue-dog she is fostering. Wendy is a local representative of Cloud K9 Rescue, a national organisation which organised the show.

K9, which is applying for charitable status, runs rehoming and neutering campaigns in Romania, and supports the vital work being done by volunteer rescuers. Romania has thousands of unwanted, abandoned dogs.

K9 finds foster homes in the UK for many dogs, which are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, health-checked by a vet and provided with a passport before traveling to the UK.

All K9 dogs can be seen on its Facebook page and website, which can be found easily.

The show judges were the borough mayor and mayoress, Joe and Margaret Plant. They were accompanied by police cadet Mally Leybourn, who attends various events and functions with them.