Campaigners and water company team up to restore blue flag

Scarborough’s Sons of Neptune campaign group has met Yorkshire Water officials to discuss restoring a clean-water blue flag to the south bay.

Group leader Freddie Drabble said: “This is the ultimate challenge to see a blue flag flying in the south bay. We have been working alongside Yorkshire Water for many years, during which upwards of £50m has been spent on improvements. Effective solutions always need to take careful account of tidal drift and work with the forces of nature not against”.

The water company’s head of resilience, Lee Pitcher, said: “A great deal of investment has already gone into Scarborough that has seen improvements to bathing-water quality over many years. There is still more to do and many agencies are working together to find ways to improve the south bay’s water quality.

“Bathing-water quality can be impacted by so many sources that a multi-agency approach is always required to tackle all aspects of potential impact”, Mr Pitcher said. “The Bathing Water Partnership involving stakeholders like Scarborough Council, the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water continues to deliver action plans. Over and above that, the Sons of Neptune and Yorkshire Water are two key organisations which have been working together for some time in order to understand and find solutions to [factors] that impact on bathing-water quality. This work will complement and feed into existing action plans. Ensuring quality bathing water in Scarborough is a priority for Yorkshire Water which is why it is essential we work with important local groups such as the Sons of Neptune and the Bathing Water Partnership”.

Mr Drabble was accompanied by fellow Sons of Neptune founder members Charles White and Cecil Ridley. Besides Mr Pitcher, they met other Yorkshire Water officials: head of waste water processing and pumping Iain Washer and coastal delivery and engagement manager Geraldine Tebb.