Library event promotes road safety

Words and photo by Dave Barry 

According to the World Health Organisation, over 1.25m people die each year as a result of road-traffic crashes.

Injuries from such accidents are the leading cause of death among people aged 15-29.

In Britain, 181,384 accident casualties included 1,792 deaths in 2016; 44% were car occupants, 25% pedestrians, 25% motorcyclists and 6% cyclists.

However, the long-term trend in the numbers killed and injured in road accidents has been declining, especially in the last two decades.

Measures to address drink-driving and improve the safety of vehicles and roads have contributed to the decline, which has occurred while road traffic has increased.

The measures include an event which reinforced the Green Cross Code, at Scarborough library.

Members of the county-council's road-safety team engaged with about 300 adults and children including a lively gaggle of Barrowcliff School pupils, a mums-and-tots group and a a nursery group.

It was organised by road-safety and travel-awareness officer Mandy Pepworth, who said it had resulted from a conversation she had with a pedestrian who had recently been hurt in a road-traffic incident.

Mandy said: “After our discussion, it was noted that not all adults know what engineering has been put in place on our highways for pedestrians to encourage them to cross at safer points”.

Most children have been taught how to use the improved types of crossing at school. “However, once becoming an adult, we see that the general view towards the green cross code is that the public know about it but don’t feel the need to update their crossing skills”, said Mandy. “This event was to bridge that gap and give adults an opportunity to ask questions about road safety, to which we had a very good response”.