Dolphins visit the Yorkshire coast

The seas off Scarborough are lucky enough to get occasional visits by bottlenose dolphin between April and July.

These marine animals will hunt fish for food and jump out of the water - behaviour otherwise known as breaching.

Stuart Baines, an assistant regional coordinator for the Sea Watch Foundation in Yorkshire, said about 100 bottlenose dolphins spend most of the year off the Northumberland coast and in spring and early summer some visit the Scarborough area.

Stuart, who lives in the town, says: “There is a very good chance that these dolphins will be seen again off Scarborough in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled”.

The bottlenose is recognised by its tall, central, sickle-shaped dorsal fin. It has a dark grey back and is a lighter grey underneath, with a robust beak. “Adult bottlenose are big dolphins, typically four metres long”, Stuart said.

They should not be confused with harbour porpoise, which can be seen off Marine Drive all year round. At about 1.4m long, it is much smaller than the bottlenose dolphin.

For further information on dolphin, porpoise and whale sightings, check out the Scarborough Porpoise Facebook and Twitter pages and the Sea Watch Foundation website or send an email to