‘Nasty-looking knife’ handed in

A “nasty-looking knife” has been handed in to the Rising Sun martial-arts school in Scarborough.

knife crime.jpg

School founder Darrel Haigh called in the police when a parent of one of his pupils took the blade into the club.

The parent had managed to talk someone into handing it over, said Mr Haigh, who described it as a “nasty-looking knife”.

He said he has always felt strongly about people carrying weapons on the street and has arranged weapons-awareness sessions, self-defence classes and knife-defence courses, to promote awareness of the dangers that are out there from day to day.

The club is based at St Saviour’s Church hall on the corner of Gladstone Road and Belle Vue Street. For details, ring 07858 944598 or visit the website www.therisingsunschool.co.uk.