Climate strikes backed at Spa conference

The Green Party has called for adults to join children in the global strike against climate change later this year.

At its conference in Scarborough, the party’s co-leaders backed climate strikes such as those carried out in the town by schoolchildren.

In a joint speech at the Spa, Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry said: “Young people have laid down a challenge. Today we are joining that call for a global strike in September.

“Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your employers that the emergency is right here, right now. And we must strike for the climate”.

The leaders backed a Green New Deal to counter the climate-change emergency and demand that the Government scrap Trident nuclear weapons, ditch HS2 and reject new nuclear power plants.

The conference came after a successful period for the Green Party, which achieved record results in the local and European elections. Among the delegates were most of the UK’s 265 Green councillors including Scarborough’s two new Green councillors, Will Forbes and Neil Robinson.

Recent polling has seen the party achieve its best-ever position in general election voting intention polls and seen the environment shoot towards the top of people’s concerns.

Delegates moving from the Spa Grand Hall to the Suncourt cafe walked through Archway for the Children, a collection of plastic beach toys gathered from the south bay by one person over two weeks. Artist Gabrielle Naptali said: “It contrasted with infinitely recyclable and biodegradable materials in the form of a 10ft frame donated by Jo Davis and hand-made flowers.

“I hope it reminded the SBC councillors that they voted to declare a climate emergency”.

With help from former Green borough councillor Mark Vesey, the arch was transferred to the Town Hall for two weeks before moving to the Market Hall during world wellness big week.