Pledge supports construction and housing industries

Making the pledge

Making the pledge

Words and photos by Dave Barry

Public and private sector organisations have pledged to transform the supply of much-needed, highly-skilled local labour to meet the ever-growing demands of the area’s construction and housing industries.

The construction and housing employment and skills pledge (CHESP) aims to support the construction and housing sectors in building the anticipated 9,000 homes required in the borough of Scarborough by 2032.

It hopes to overcome the major skills shortages and gaps in skills provision required to achieve that goal, which are being experienced in the construction industry on a local, regional and national level.

The organisations have pledged to work together to:

* Ensure CHESP is embedded into all planning applications;

* Work closely with employers of all sizes and gain a better understanding of the skills required today and in the future;

* Develop a local workforce with recognised skills which will enable them to build the homes needed to the required timescales;

* Help address a major construction skills shortage across the borough by providing apprenticeships and employment opportunities for local people on every major construction and housing development;

* Raise the profile of the industry in schools and with key agencies and parents to help identify and support individuals of all ages and abilities to consider construction as a career choice;

* To deliver demand-led training locally with the purpose of upskilling and training individuals to support business and industry needs;

* Encourage construction developers who do not directly recruit local labour to commit to increase opportunities for local supply chains and individuals on every scheme.

The pledge launch was attended by representatives of the Cabinet Office implementation unit, the Department for Communities and Local Government and public and private sector partners including Northern Regeneration CIC, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership, Scarborough Council, the Federation of Small Businesses, Kebbell Homes, Keepmoat Homes and social housing providers.

They were taken on a tour of the Construction Skills Village (CSV) at Middle Deepdale, at Eastfield.

The tour promoted the importance of the CSV work in developing the skills needed and raising awareness of the pledge.

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Alan Glew of Coast and Country Housing talks to Savannah Craigs of Yorkshire Coast Homes

Alan Glew of Coast and Country Housing talks to Savannah Craigs of Yorkshire Coast Homes