Volkswagen enthusiasts converge at the Sands piazza

Some of the Volkswagens at the Sands piazza

Some of the Volkswagens at the Sands piazza

By Dave Barry

Derek Richardson rose early for the 50-mile drive across the moors from Middlesbrough to Scarborough.

Derek drove his Karmann Ghia and his daughter and son completed the family convoy in other classic Volkswagens.

They were heading for an end-of-season gathering of old Volkswagens, on the Sands piazza.

It followed several others that had taken place over the warmer months.

They were organised by Steve Hall of the Fairbank & Craven VW garage in Cleveland Road, Scarborough.

The VW gatherings began years ago, complementing surf festivals that used to take place in the north bay. When the festivals finished, the gatherings continued, advertised on Facebook.

About 30 vehicles in varying ages and conditions were admired by countless visitors braving the inclement autumnal weather.

“If it had been a nice day we’d’ve had a darn sight more people”, said Steve, who reckoned his 1956 Beetle was probably the oldest VW present.

Two of the Beetles were slung so low the chassis almost touched the ground.

Besides Derek from Middlesbrough, other VW enthusiasts travelled from as far as Derbyshire and Nottingham, Steve said.

Derek estimated that his beautiful 1970 Karmann Ghia, with a top speed of 90mph, was worth about £12,000 but he wouldn’t be selling it.

It does over 30 miles per gallon and is classed as a historic vehicle so isn’t liable for road tax.

“The government is changing the rules for historic vehicles”, he said. “As of May next year, you won't have to have an MOT. They no longer require them for any vehicle over 40 years old. A lot wouldn't achieve the modern MOT standards anyway”.

The next VW gathering will be next summer.

Derek Richardson and his 1970 Karmann Ghia

Derek Richardson and his 1970 Karmann Ghia