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Pick up points:

Scarborough: Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Boyes, Nisa Locals, 4News, Eyre’s, Spar in Falsgrave, YMCA, WH Smith, Marcus Anthony Furnishings, Clock Handyman, FirstLight charity shop, Gladstone Road Stores, Stephenson’s Premier Store, Bowls Centre, Sandybed Stores, Hospital, Costcutters on Ramshill, the Grand, Royal and Clifton hotels, Holiday Inn, Travel Lodge, North Cliff Golf Club, Hummanby Post Office, Dean's garden centre. 
Crossgates: Morrisons, Filey, Tesco and Wrays. Staxton: Spital Craft Centre. Plus: Proudfoot’s in Newby, Eastfield and Seamer