Antiques Roadshow at Castle Howard airs this weekend

Words and pictures by Dave Barry

Words and pictures by Dave Barry

The first of two episodes of Antiques Roadshow filmed at Castle Howard is to be broadcast on 24 September.

It will begin the 40th anniversary series of the programme. 

A letter in which Darwin admits to making a mistake in The Origin of Species stuns book specialist Clive Farahar.

A diamond brooch draws gasps of delight as the owners are advised of the value.

And could it really be a lost work by Renoir that art specialist Philip Mould ferrets out?

There’s an emotional meeting for Roadshow regular Ronnie Archer Morgan who is vividly reminded of his most important childhood memory.

Fiona marks the anniversary by chatting with expert David Battle about his fondest memories of 40 years on the show.

And the first host of Antiques Roadshow, Bruce Parker, returns to reassess the secret of the Roadshow success.

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