Golden memories for church celebrations

Words and recent photos by Dave Barry

Northstead Methodist Church celebrated its 50th anniversary with a flower festival entitled Golden Memories.

The floral arrangements depicted the last five decades, from flower power through punk, Nelson Mandela and church organisations.

The festival was opened by the mayor and mayoress, Martin and Cherry Smith.

A preview was attended by the church’s minister, Rev Emma Morgan.

The Tenor XI choir, with musical director Vivienne England, performed in the church.

The biggest arrangement featured wedding dresses or gowns from different eras which had been worn by either the arrangers or their daughters when they got married.

They belonged to Beccie Correia, Christine Macer, Moira Davies, Sue Day, Elvie Gehrke, Helen Harron, Gwen Jennings, Joanna Living, Tori O’Hare, Diane Robinson, Jenny Robinson and Kate Ward. A bridesmaid’s dress was loaned by Amelia Living.

Pat Ford, who lives near Long Eaton in Nottinghamshire, used to work at the church and was invited back for the flower festival. Her arrangement was inspired by the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs, which had a branch at the church. It featured MAYC outfits and badges.

The 14 arrangers included several professional florists, such as Jo Purdy, whose parents 

Anthea and Harry sponsored her punk-themed arrangement. A mannequin wore a black leather jacket with chains and a floral Mohican haircut, next to an Anarchy symbol.

Commenting on the festival, Mrs Purdy said it had been “hard work for a lot of people but it's been worth it”.

The arrangers were Sandra Maddocks, Rosie Aldcroft, Janet Clarkson, Olga Jones, Eileen Lane, Ros Maynard, June Wilkinson, Annette Ness, Claire Fenwick, Lynn Harper, Christine Jenkinson, Deborah Honeysett and Liz Wiffen.

A display of memorabilia including photos and newspaper cuttings reflecting the church’s history was mounted by Ruth Dale.