Turn those frowns upside down

Words and photos by Dave Barry

Laughter is the best medicine, or so the saying goes.

Its multiple health benefits rose to the fore at a laughter workshop at Scarborough’s indoor bowls centre.

It was held on Blue Monday, aka 15 January, supposedly the UK's most depressing day of the year.

The bills are rolling in, the festive feeling has long since slipped away and everyone is back to the daily grind.

Totally Socially teamed up with laughter practitioner and hypnotherapist Terry Anne Scholes to deliver a free workshop, to help people turn frowns upside down.

It began with a one-minute laugh. We all stood up and laughed for 60 seconds, which in itself was funny, having nothing in particular to laugh at except each other and the sound of our laughter.

Terry Anne, who lives in Scarborough, has delivered laughter workshops all over country, teaching people the benefits of laughter, the belly laugh in particular.

She recommended a one-minute belly laugh for everyone, every day.

A bubbly woman with a natural smile, she talked about the connection between mind and body, between every thought we have and every action we do, which creates the life we live.

Laughter, she said, can reduce blood pressure, exercise under-used muscles, neutralise the stress hormone cortisol, reinforce the immune system and trigger endorphins, which can be envisaged as dolphins swimming around the body.

So if you are feeling the winter blues, live life in the laugh lane - you have nothing to lose.