Man remains missing after six-hour sea search

Words and photo by Dave Barry

Scarborough lifeboat spent six hours at sea searching for a ferry passenger who was thought to have fallen overboard.

It was one of six lifeboats involved in a big rescue mission, along with the coastguards’ search-and-rescue helicopter and specialist officers from the Marine Unit.

The ferry departed Amsterdam at 5.30pm on 8 March and arrived in Newcastle at 9.15am the next day.

The passenger’s absence was noticed when he failed to disembark and his luggage was found in a one-person cabin by a cleaner.

The all-weather lifeboats which took part in the search were from Scarborough, Filey, Whitby, Hartlepool, Blyth and Tynemouth.

The casualty wasn’t found and the search was called off.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "The passenger, a foreign national in his 60s, was travelling on board the ferry but did not depart upon arrival in North Shields and could not be found on board.

"Enquiries are ongoing to trace the man, contact his next of kin and establish the circumstances around his disappearance”.

The sea temperature is at its lowest at this time of year – about five degrees.