Our Co raises £90,000 for local causes in four years

Scarborough charity shop Our Co, which raised £22,121 for local good causes last year, has donated £3,000 to the YMCA.

It’s the latest of many Our Co donations to the YM in memory of Eileen Doubtfire, a highly-valued Our Co volunteer who died in August 2016.

Eileen’s daughter Katie is a volunteer and performer at the YM. She has been a member for 23 years, appearing in many shows and helped direct the YM’s Christmas Cracker productions.

The latest donation will be put towards the cost of computer equipment and software, says manager Steve Marsh, pictured with Liz Duke of Our Co and high-spirited members of the Wizard of Oz cast and other projects.

Our Co has 16 volunteers and was established about four years ago. “During that time, many of our unpaid volunteers have gained skills, confidence and experience that have helped them find paid employment in the local community”, says co-founder Vronny Thorpe.

“During the four years we have donated approximately £90,000 to local causes”, Vronny said. “We are proud to be associated with several local projects that provide support to our younger community.

“Eileen was the inspiration behind starting Our Co and we wanted to honour her memory in a meaningful and lasting way. What better way than to support the organisation that has helped her daughter and thousands of other young people?”

The YMCA is self-funding, responsible for raising all the funds needed to provide its services. It doesn’t receive money from local, regional or national government for the work it does with young people.

Steve says: “We rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help make up the £35,000 shortfall we have each year. We are very grateful to Our Co for their support and, of course, we are keen to hear from other local organisations who would like to help us continue to increase the skills, experience and self-confidence of local young people”.

Ourco is based in Northway. Donations of clothes, etc, are welcome.