Home is where the heart is

A Scarborough care provider has launched a live-in care service to help families and loved ones stay together in their own homes while receiving the right care. 

The family-run company offering the service is Bluebird care. The service will be offered alongside nursing services to allow people in need of care to stay in their homes for was long as possible.

Live-in care is when a professional carer lives in their client’s home to enable their needs to be met. This means they are available to help throughout the day and at night, if necessary. Live-in carers often work in teams of two on a rota pattern of, for example, two weeks on, two weeks off; and will alternate with the other carer.

Live-in care is an increasingly popular alternative to moving into a care home. It enables you to stay in your own home and meet your changing needs. For some people it offers a way of continuing to live as independently as possible at home in their local community.

Family-run company, Bluebird Care, Scarborough have been striving to make a difference to home care. Directors John, Yvonne and Victoria Webber felt compelled to start the company after having a bad experience of Care in their own family and decided to try and change home care for the better.

As well as enabling as many people as possible to remain at home, the live-in care service will also create 32 new live-in care assistant jobs over the next 12 months.

For more information call Bluebird Care on 01723 588004 or email scarborough@bluebirdcare.co.uk.