Hidden books on the coast

Books are being left in public places in Scarborough and Filey to encourage reading.

The books are in resealable waterproof bags with a leaflet explaining the scheme.

Lauren Deighton of education service Coast Tuition explains: “We saw a video on a BBC Facebook page about how people were hiding books in their community for others to find, read and then hide for someone else.

“We have had reports and photos of finds that people have made”, Lauren says. “People seem to be really enjoying it.

“Kids’ books will be hidden in places kids are likely to find - parks, etc - and we will be hiding books for adults in suitable places, all over Scarborough and Filey during September.

“We will post on our Facebook page once the books are hidden then people can go out and look for them. In lots of cases people will come across them accidentally but the leaflet with the book will explain what to do. They can take the book home and read it then hide it again for someone else. People can share their finds on our Facebook page and leave clues to where they are hidden next”.

The Facebook page is called Hidden books on the coast.