Yanks and Brits at Woodend

Californian Alice Wallace and her band pay their first visit to Scarborough on 5 October, at 7.30pm.

Wallace’s most recent release, Into the Blue, has had great reviews, says promoter Chris Lee.

One reviewer described her voice as “an awe-striking wonder of the West”. 

Her music, influenced by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, has the country twang with a little yodelling thrown in but appeals to the Americana rock fan as well.

Wallace isn't afraid to tackle topical issues like #MeToo, the recent devastating Californian wildfires and the plight of immigrants on the US/Mexico border.

Her song Desert Rose is a moving, evocative piece depicting an immigrant woman's journey across the border to give birth in a dirty filling-station toilet. 

Her voice is remarkable in its versatility, running the gamut from tender to powerful.  

The British support act, Broken Bones Matilda, blend soaring harmonies with a dark rock ’n’ roll attitude. They have been described as “Nick Cave meets Fleetwood Mac”.

The gig is at Woodend, where tickets can be bought for £12 - or by ringing 384500.