Talk by Thai rescue divers

Mike Clayton and Emma Porter (photo by Steve Leath)

Mike Clayton and Emma Porter (photo by Steve Leath)

Two divers who helped rescue boys trapped in caves in Thailand last year are to talk about the experience in Scarborough.

Mike Clayton and partner Emma Porter played key roles in extracting the children from underground.

Mike, 51, was born in Scarborough and attended Wheatcroft and Raincliffe schools, then Leeds University.

He is the safety officer with a training and equipment company and equipment officer on the British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC). A keen caver with experience in China, Thailand and North Africa, he chairs the Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation and has been involved in cave rescues for 18 years. 

His role in the Thai rescue operation was to support the diving team at the surface, helping to source the vital equipment needed. Knowing most of the divers and the equipment needed for cave diving was a great help.

Emma, also a member of the BCRC, helped co-ordinate the operations to source the specialist equipment required and to arrange speedy transport to Thailand.

The couple, who live in Hampton Loade in Shropshire, will give a talk at Scarborough College in Filey Road on 14 September.

It is being organised by South Cliff Bowling Club, which will receive half the proceeds. The other half will go to the national Cave Rescue Organisation.