20 months for vicious attack on woman

A Scarborough man inflicted serious abdominal injuries on a woman during a vicious attack.

At York crown court, Mark David Simmons, 35, of Prospect Park, was handed an 18-month prison for inflicting grievous bodily harm and given a further two months for assaulting the woman.

A seven-year restraining order was imposed, preventing him from contacting the victim or her family.

The assault took place at a hotel in York in the early hours of 4 August. Hotel security staff found the woman distressed, with visible injuries and complaining of chronic pain in her stomach. She was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured bladder, a result of Simmons kicking her in the abdomen.

Detective Constable Tracey Brewster of Scarborough CID said: “I would like to acknowledge the bravery and integrity of the victim throughout the investigation and criminal justice process. She was exposed to a horrific level of violence and will forever carry the physical and mental scars Simmons inflicted upon her. I can only hope that the sentence allows her and her family to move on to more positive times.

“The violence Simmons unleashed on her was shocking. He kicked, punched and slapped her, leaving her with injuries that required immediate surgery”.

DC Brewster said Simmons had insisted he wasn’t guilty until the last minute.

She added: “I hope this result sends a clear message out to both victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse. To victims, I hope it gives confidence and reassurance to come forward to police and make a report. To perpetrators of violence, be assured we will do everything in our power to ensure you are put before the courts and justice is served”.